The anaerobic digestion renewable energy system located in the Collinwood area represents Cleveland Public Power’s commitment to producing electricity in an environmentally friendly way. This state of the art facility operated by quasar energy group utilizes organic waste to produce energy. The energy produced is then fed to the electric grid through CPP lines.

The quasar project is representative of CPP’s goal to be a leader in renewable energy. The project is located on land that was once a viable part of the auto industry and sat vacant before it was repurposed to provide clean energy to the City. In addition, the waste used to produce the energy is taken from Cleveland companies, further reducing the City’s carbon footprint. This is another step in making this the “green City on a blue lake.”

The Collinwood facility utilizes anaerobic digestion to produce biogas composed of about 60% methane, which is the main component of natural gas. The biogas is cleaned, separated and dried before being used in the production of electricity, natural gas and compressed natural gas.

The biomethane which is converted to electricity is fed directly to the power grid through CPP’s distribution system located on site.