In the late 1890s, a group of social activists in Cleveland saw a need and petitioned the Cleveland City Council to develop a lighting plan that would serve residents in the city. It took 15 years before that spark became a reality. We started as Cleveland Municipal Light and Power and today we are known as Cleveland Public Power - the utility you can count on!  


Mayor Tom L. Johnson had the vision to light the streets and give power and electricity to the homes and businesses of every resident and business in the entire City of Cleveland. Today, that vision continues to thrive under the leadership of Mayor Justin M. Bibb. Learn more about the utility's beginnings on the History page.


Cleveland Public Power is the City of Cleveland's municipally-owned electric company and is a Division of the Department of Public Utilities. The Department provides water, sewer, and electricity to the residents and businesses in the City of Cleveland. More on the department can be found on the Leadership page.

Regulatory Compliance

To ensure the safe, efficient and reliable integration of any electrical transmission, generation, and end-user facility into the Cleveland Public Power Transmission System there are regulatory agreements that must be met. To read about these visit the Regulatory Compliance page.

Annual Reports

Yearly, financial accounting of the utility is compiled into a document that identifies not only where they are as it relates to its financial integrity, but also highlighting major accomplishments. To review the finances and accomplishments since dating back to 2004, stop by the Annual Reports page.

Organizational Profile

For a better understanding of Cleveland Public Power and its service area see the Organizational Profile page.