LED Streetlight Installation

The City of Cleveland and its electric utility, Cleveland Public Power (CPP), are committed to providing the most reliable streetlight service to the residents of Cleveland. As part of the Safe Smart CLE program, 61,000 existing streetlights will be replaced with new, energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) technology. This project will:

  • Provide a brighter, cleaner light to improve visibility;
  • Increase safety by emitting brighter light on streets and sidewalks;
  • Increase the life of the lighting fixture, reducing the number of outages and maintenance costs; and
  • Reduce energy consumption;
  • The Safe Smart CLE project is unique in that it includes controls allowing for immediate communication with CPP if there are problems with the light, thus reducing maintenance times.





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Safe Smart CLE FAQ

  • What is Safe Smart CLE

It is an initiative to improve safety on the streets of Cleveland with the use of technology. The technology includes LED street lights and an increase in the number of safety cameras on city streets.

  • Why LED lights?

LED lights provide cleaner illumination and are more energy-efficient than standard street lights.

  • They are bright, but I can’t see my sidewalk, why?

The light fixture initially chosen offered directional lighting, providing coverage of streets and illuminating the opposite side of the street. The good news is we heard you, and we are changing the lighting fixtures on residential streets to provide a wider cast of light.

  • How long will this project take?

The replacement of 61,000 streetlights will in 18 months.

  • Can the lights be dimmed?

Yes. All of the street lights are additionally fitted with adaptive control providing the ability to adjust lights remotely.

  • Does this mean we won’t have streetlight outages?

No. They may still occur, but with the adaptive controls, Cleveland Public Power will be notified when there is a problem with a fixture or light, reducing the length of time the lights are out.

  • How do I report a problem with these lights?

You can report a problem by calling Cleveland Public Power’s automated streetlight outage hotline at 216-621-5483 or complete the Street Light Outage form here.