Power Outage Causes

Bad weather is the most common cause of power outages. Traffic accidents and animals can also damage equipment and interrupt power flow. High winds, soaking rains, heavy snow, and thick ice brings down trees and tree limbs. These falling tree limbs can get caught in wires and may bring down the overhead lines. Lightning strikes making contact with equipment or trees can also disrupt power.

Hot weather will not cause power outages, however long periods of extreme heat will increase overall electrical demand through greater use of items such as air conditioning. Summer is the season when the demand for electrical power is at its greatest. Several days in a row of high electrical demand during a heat wave can create stress on electrical equipment, sometimes causing system overload. Overloaded equipment can overheat and sometimes fail, which can cause dim or flickering lights, as well as other power related problems including outages.

During periods of extended hot weather, especially when demand is very high, customers may be asked to reduce the amount of electricity used to help reduce stress on the system.