Meter Information

Automated digital meters are efficient and time-saving.

In 2006, Cleveland Public Power replaced its existing meters with digital radiometers. With this change, all meters are read remotely and the number of estimated reads has been significantly reduced. At this time 99.9% of the reads on our system are remote.

The new digital meters contain an electronic receiving chip, which gives off radio signals that are picked up by telecommunications towers throughout the City. Meter reader personnel are able to drive by a premise, detect the radio signal coming from the customer premise on a mobile laptop data collector, capture a customer’s electric usage, then relay the information into the main Customer Information System (CIS). The system then calculates a customer’s usage from the previous meter reading. The result: greater accuracy of the metering equipment and meter reads, reducing the number of re-reads and investigation orders.

To further improve the service offered to its customers, CPP is currently conducting a pilot program to evaluate a Remote Disconnection System that will ultimately serve all of our residential customers. This tool will allow CPP to respond quickly to residential customer requests by activating and deactivating meters remotely from a staff member’s desktop. The system can trigger a signal on encrypted software that controls the meters at customers home.