Power Restoration

When severe weather or a heat wave is predicted, we plan ahead to ensure we can restore service disruptions as quickly and efficiently as possible. We position repair crews and supplies near areas prone to the greatest damage and prepare for increased phone calls.

When we experience a power outage, safety is our highest priority. If there is a dangerous situation, we assign workers to protect the area. These employees are there to keep you safe, but may not have any information about when your service will be restored.

We work to restore power as quickly as possible. First, the area must be cleared of downed lines, trees, and other debris. We then assess the damage to the system to determine the extent of the problem and assign a crew with equipment to the area to begin repairs.

Unfortunately, repairing damage caused by major storms can take time. Therefore it may be difficult for us to tell you exactly when your service will be restored. We ask for your understanding and cooperation and assure you that service will be restored as quickly as possible.

We repair power lines, transformers, or connections that caused the outage to restore power to critical facilities and customers who depend on life-support equipment. Critical facilities include hospitals, nursing homes, police and fire stations, and public facilities. 

Remember, even if you don’t see our crews in your immediate area, we may be working to restore service in other ways. Your service may be interrupted because of storm damage to the lines and equipment located miles away from you that feed power to the streets in your neighborhood.