Budget Billing available to residential customers

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A graph showing the difference between Budget and Normal Billing.

Cleveland Public Power is re-introducing Budget Billing to residential customers as an opportunity to spread costs over a year. With many customers seeking a way to effectively budget, this is a tool that will provide a level of stability.

How Does It Work

  • Budget Billing is the average cost of your past 12-month electrical usage plus a 10% variance of your current usage
  • By signing up for CPP’s Budget Billing you can alleviate higher bill payments during seasonal changes
  • Enrollment is now open

Eligibility Requirements

  • Open to Residential customers only
  • Your bill must be current
  • You must have 12 months of consumption history on your account


  • You may cancel Budget Billing at any time by contacting our Customer Information Center (216-664-4600)
  • Enrollment will be automatically renewed each year unless you cancel your Budget Billing
  • Your Cleveland Public Power bill will now show your Budget Billing amount; it will continue to show actual read, consumption, residential electric charge, state taxes (ORC), and the actual cost of purchasing electricity (Energy Adj. Charge).
  •  If you move to another residence serviced by CPP while on Budget Billing, this plan can transfer; but your budgeted amount may increase or decrease due to your actual usage in your new location.
  • On the final month of Budget Billing, you may have a debit or credit.
    • If there is any amount owed (debit), payment is due in full by the due date printed on the bill
    • If there is an overpayment (credit) you will start your new Budget Billing year with a credit balance 
    • The following month, your new Budget Billing year will begin with a possible adjustment to your budgeted amount

•    If you default on your monthly budget payment plan for two (2) consecutive months, you will be removed from Budget Billing.