Protect yourself, CPP does not inspect HVAC systems

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A lightbulb character holding a stop sign, with text that reads "Protect Yourself from scams."

January 25, 2023, CLEVELAND – Utility Scammers strike again, and this scam is more dangerous than others we have experienced. The latest scam could potentially put you and your family in harm’s way. 

We received a report of a man impersonating a Cleveland Public Power employee seeking to perform an energy efficiency check up on the home HVAC systems. If you receive a similar call, take note of the name, and telephone number of this caller and report it to Public Utilities Security at (216) 443-2426.

You should also call our offices and report the attempted scam. The above scam is the latest in numerous attempts to cheat you out of your funds. Here are a few things we will not do:

  • Cleveland Public Power will not call your home asking for you to pay your bill
  • Our staff will not visit your home seeking payment or to inspect your HVAC system

Here are the ways Cleveland Public Power takes payments:

  • You can make a payment, review your account, and view your electric consumption 24/7 by visiting 
  • Submit any questions via the inquiry form at
  • You can also make a payment any time by mail, by calling 216-446-6824, or by placing it in the dropbox at 1201 Lakeside. And our Customer Service Call Center (216-664-4600) is still available Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.