What should I do if I see a street light out?

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Cleveland Public Power low tension lineman Ken McClain prepares to replace a streetlight.

As days get shorter, streetlights become an essential tool in keeping residents and visitors safe. These lights not only illuminate neighborhoods, but they provide safe, efficient lighting for pedestrians, and drivers.

Upgraded in 2019 as part of the City of Cleveland’s Safe Smart CLE program, this outdoor lighting source provides residents and visitors with clear images and well-lit pathways.

If you see streetlights out, call 621-LITE (5483) to report the outage to our 24-hour automated system. When you call our automated streetlight outage line, follow the prompts to answer a number of questions. We will ask for your name, phone number and the house address closest to the malfunctioning light pole. This information will help us locate the streetlight and schedule it for maintenance.

Once we have the information we will give you a reference number that you can use to call back and track maintenance progress.