Winter weather returns Friday, what to do if your power goes out

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Evergreen trees covered in snow, with the Carl B. Stokes Public Utilities building in the background.

Northeast Ohio is under a winter weather advisory starting Friday, January 13, 2023. The area could receive 6-9 inches of snow. Temperatures will decrease, and there is the potential for winds of up to 30 mph. 

All of these factors can contribute to power outages. In anticipation of the approaching storm, Cleveland Public Power (CPP) dispatchers monitor weather reports and the National Radar system to keep crews abreast of the changes in storm patterns. 

Ammon Danielson, Commissioner of CPP, reports, “This winter storm is expected to present challenges to our electrical grid from snow, ice, and wind. Our grid operators and field crews are ready to respond throughout the day and night, responding to emergencies to keep energy flowing to our customer’s homes.” Winter storms can bring a variety of risks, such as ice accumulating on tree limbs and wires, making them more susceptible to breaking, and high winds, which can carry debris into wires.
Danielson notes that CPP crews and contractors work throughout the year to remove hazards around lines, such as tree limbs, to reduce the risk of an outage during a storm.

Public Utilities Director Martin Keane asked that CPP customers follow storm protocols, “We are asking our residents and customers to call us at 216-664-3156 when experiencing an outage.”  

Commissioner Danielson explained, “When calling to report an outage if it is widespread, there will be a recorded message listing the neighborhoods affected. If you are reporting a downed wire or are experiencing an outage where your neighborhood is not identified, please stay on the line to speak with our dispatch center. During widespread outages, customers can also receive updates on Twitter or Facebook.”

Widespread outage updates can be found on Twitter, by following @clepublicpower on, and Facebook by visiting