Drive safely this holiday weekend, avoid utility poles

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On the left hand side of the image is a car flipped on its side and on the right are lineworkers on a utility pole.

As we head into the holiday weekend, we encourage drivers to be safe on the roadways. Today is the 244th day of 2023, and Cleveland Public Power has responded to more than 350 hit pole crashes. That is more than one a day on average.

Cars careening into utility poles is a problem in our city, and the resulting damage has far-reaching consequences.

The force of these crashes can be deadly. The energy of a moving vehicle hitting a stationary pole is immense, often causing severe injuries or even fatalities to the occupants. These accidents underscore the importance of seatbelt use and responsible driving to mitigate the consequences.
These accidents also affect our community, frequently resulting in power outages, disrupting lives, businesses, and posing additional safety risks.

Utility poles are not just a fixture on our streets; they support vital communication infrastructure like telephone lines and internet cables. When these poles are damaged, it can disrupt emergency communication systems, hindering the ability of first responders to coordinate and assist those in need.

Every collision with a utility pole has the potential to affect our community deeply. By driving safely and attentively, we can help prevent these crashes and their far-reaching consequences, ensuring a safer, more resilient city for all. 

This Labor Day Weekend be safe as you enjoy the festivities.