Meter Service Center staff participate in quarterly AMP training

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Employees sit in a utility garage sit in folding chairs viewing a monitor with an instructor in the front of the room.

CLEVELAND, March 23, 2003 - Last month the Cleveland Department of Public Utilities (DPU) Safety Division and the American Municipal Power (AMP) Safety Program collaborated to host safety training for CPP meter staff. The training focused on identifying and preventing physical and electrical hazards associated with meter related work.

Doug Sturgeon, an AMP safety trainer traveled from Columbus to facilitate the training. Utilizing lecture style instruction and videos, Sturgeon highlighted the hazards that are associated with meter job site conditions and basic safety guidelines. Aliea McBooth, manager of the Meter Services Center appreciated the training stating, “The course will help improve meter’s integration with customers by helping us understand the importance of working safely with our customers to help restore service to their homes and businesses.”

During the hour-long presentation, Sturgeon demonstrated how to use safety equipment for protection against electrical hazards as well as used videos to illustrate the result of ignoring guidelines. Dangers that include electrical shocks, arc flash, burns and explosions are more likely to affect meter installers but readers and investigators should be aware of roadway accidents, trips and falls and working from heights. 

As a member of  American Municipal Power, a nonprofit corporation that owns and operates electric facilities with the purpose of providing generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and energy to its members, CPP enjoys access to quarterly training opportunities to enhance their in-house programs.