Budget Billing takes the guesswork out of your electric bill

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A plastic pink pig in front of a calculator with the word Help on the screen. The accompanying text says "Do you need assistance with your electric bill? We are here to help." The CPP logo is shown as well.

Take the guesswork out of bill paying by signing up for Cleveland Public Power’s Budget Billing program. With Budget Billing, our residential customers have an opportunity to spread their costs over a year, and know what the monthly bill is before it comes in the mail. 
How does it Work?

  • Budget billing is your monthly average use based on the prior 12-month electrical billing cycle, and it includes a 10% increase from your average monthly bill. 
  • By signing up for CPP’s Budget Billing you can alleviate higher bill payments during seasonal changes
  • Enrollment is now open

Eligibility Requirements

  • Open to Residential customers only
  • Your bill must be current
  • You must have 12 months of consumption history on your account


  • You may cancel Budget Billing at any time by contacting our Customer Information Center (216-664-4600)
  • Enrollment will be automatically renewed each year unless you cancel your Budget Billing
  • Your Cleveland Public Power bill will now show your Budget
  • Billing amount; it will continue to show actual read, consumption, residential electric charge, state taxes (ORC), and the actual cost of purchasing electricity (Energy Adj. Charge).
  • If you move to another residence serviced by CPP while on Budget Billing, this plan can transfer; but your budgeted amount may increase or decrease due to your actual usage in your new location.
  • On the final month of Budget Billing, you may have a debit or credit.
  • If there is any amount owed (debit), payment is due in full by the due date printed on the bill
  • If there is an overpayment (credit) you will start your new Budget Billing year with a credit balance
  • The following month, your new Budget Billing year will begin with a possible adjustment to your budgeted amount

Defaulting on your monthly budget payment plan for two (2) consecutive months, will cause your removal from Budget Billing.