Cleveland Public Utilities has lifted the Moratorium on Shutoffs

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Meter Installer Apprentice Sarina Scott secures an electrical line to a property.

The City of Cleveland Department of Public Utilities (DPU) lifted the moratorium on shut-offs and reconnections. DPU will resume the regular process for collections and disconnection of service for delinquent water and/or electric accounts. 

The decision to resume disconnections has been done with great concern and awareness of the financial difficulties and other vulnerabilities many of our customers are facing due to the pandemic.

Financial relief tools are in place to assist customers in need. In addition to our current affordability programs, we are offering extended payment plan options as well as coordinating with outside agencies to refer customers for additional services. 

We continue to diligently notify customers with past due accounts so they receive plenty of notice in addition to the regular multi-notice procedures.

It is always our goal to keep our customers in utility service. We encourage customers who need assistance to contact Cleveland Water at 216-664-3130 or Cleveland Public Power at 216-664-4600 to discuss their payment options as soon as possible.